Class 1:

Bible Readings

Age Groups:     a) 10 years & under       b) 11 – 13 years          c) 15 – 18 years          d) Open

Details: Five or six verses of own choice, plus a sight reading to be specified at the Competitions.

Judging will be on: 

  • Presentation and Interpretation;  
  • Audibility and Clarity of Reading;
  • Phrasing, Tone Quality, Emphasis and Dynamics

Class 2:

Bible Messages

Age Groups:     a) 19 years & under       b) 20 years +   

Details:  Your message must be on the subject to be advised, and must be within the given timeThe message must not be longer than 5 minutes. You are required to base your message on the subject given, you are to use the verses given and you are to make it clear, relevant and applicable for people’s lives. An Introduction, main message and conclusion are needed.

Judging will be on:  Quality of Sermon Material and Method of Delivery, penalty for exceeding the allocated time.

Class 3:


Age Groups:    All ages

Details:  Choose a song of your choice expressing worship or praise of our God..

Judging will be on:  Singing quality, age of contestant and choice of song.