Our Services

Annual bible lesson structure and examination for all ages from 5 year old children to adults.

We are always looking to sign up new affiliated Church Members who want to take full advantage of what our 150 years experience in teaching kids about the Kingdom of the Living God has to offer them. We have a great curriculum, and will soon have a new and improved examination and qualification system designed to make things that much easier for our Sunday School Teachers and Youth Pastors. When you join us you will also get special member access to all of our Christian resources offering members good prices and rates backed by good quality support programmes designed to make the learning process more fun and memorable for your kids throughout each year.


Bible Lesson Course

Bible Lesson Course for all ages from 5 year old kids to adults. Teachers manuals, kids handbooks with bible passages, memory verses, and work sheets appropriate to each age group. Examinations and prize-giving each year. A different bible topic each year.

Teacher Training and Seminars

Teacher training programmes and seminars designed to help Church and youth teachers prepare lessons and manage students examinations.

Music Festival

An annual event is designed to give our affiliated church partners the opportunity for church and other youth groups to join in a time of music, drama and speeches.

Categories range from Solos, Duets to Bible Readings and Bible Messages. Children and Adults are encouraged to share their love for God through music drama and speech.

The Annual Music Festival is designed to give affiliated church partners the opportunity to encourage and showcase their talent in a number of areas, such as Scripture Reading, Scripture Messages, Classical Choir singing, Contemporary singing, Dance, Short Act performances and Sports Days.

Fun & Sports Day

The Annual Fun & Sports Day is a great family day out designed to bring all of our church partners families together for a day of fun and challenge.

Food and drink stalls are operated throughout the day and FREE ministry gift bags are handed out making it a great fun filled outreach opportunity for members to invite any of their family members or friends to join in.


The Annual Handcraft Competition offers kids the opportunity to win awards and prizes for their special creations.  Each year we provide all of our affiliated church members with a theme chosen from the Holy Bible for allparticipating kids to base their creations on. A great way for kids to express what they have learned and their own perspectives in the relationship they are developing with the Lord.

Become an affiliate Member to take advantage of all or some of these great programmes. Individual and churches memberships available.